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Through years of experience, a strong international network and an unwavering commitment to support the Saudi Vision for year 2030, Pioneers Consulting has proudly developed the expertise in what we call the Linked Service Spectrum.


In these 3 areas of focus, we believe we are the best in Saudi to bridge the gap between international best practice and Saudi context and culture.

Achieving your organization objectives be setting the right strategy and direction

How do we create competitive advantage that leads our organization to grow?

Communicating the organization's unique position, that should determine how organizational resources, skills, and competencies should be combined to create the competitive advantage.

Many successful and productive organizations have a corporate strategy to guide the big picture. Each business unit within the organization then has a business unit strategy, which its leaders use to determine how they will compete in
their individual markets.

In turn, each team should have its own strategy to ensure that its day-to-day activities help move the organization in the right direction.

At each level, a simple definition of strategy can be: "Determining how we are going to win in the coming period.“

The Pioneers team will help you in:

  • Developing your strategy that fits your organization.

  • Detailing the strategic initiatives, governance and financial impact analysis.

  • Communicating your strategy and create the right culture to achieve.

  • Setting-up Strategy management office and help in executing the strategy.


Realizing the benefits of your strategy by having the right Project Management Office

Projects are temporary activities, designed to deliver unique goals and business objectives. Project managers are often less focused on how the project is managed but instead have their eyes locked on deadlines and due dates. Hence, it comes with no surprise that many projects slip over their allocated budgets, are delivered with low quality or fail altogether.

Project management success requires discipline at both the individual and organizational levels. As project management experts, we understand how hard it can be to change behaviors. We will work with you to solidify the adoption of your process and build the discipline that will guarantee your long-term success.

With a varied background in project implementations, we provide temporary project management resources to meet the needs for any contract length. Our experienced and certified project managers supplement project teams with:

  • Setting up the project management office following international best practices fits to the organization's objectives

  • Leadership and planning necessary for successful project completion and closure

  • Coaching of individual project managers, their teams, and/or their managers

  • Planning and then supporting execution of an organizational change program.

  • Acting as external “Project Management office” to audit projects, assess risks, enforce compliance and

  • Coaching enterprise PMO teams during transition period.


Better Digital Customer Experience to retain your customers and acquire new customers

Digital customer experience includes only those experiences of digital interfaces such as computers, tablets, or smartphones. Researching a product online, using a mobile app to find a store’s nearest location, searching for tech support information on a smartphone —these are all digital customer experiences.

This isn’t merely a subset of customer experience, and a good customer experience strategy doesn’t equate to a good digital customer experience strategy.

Too many businesses get stuck searching for, implementing, and measuring the ROI of customer experience improvement initiatives to no avail because the problems they’re trying to solve require a stronger focus on digital customer experience. Online and offline consumers are birds of a different feather.


For an effective digital consumer experience strategy, businesses should focus on the following goals:

  • Digital initiatives should complement existing customer journeys

  • Consistency creates loyalty, and relies on internal IT

  • Visual consistency also matters

  • Opinion-gathering tools improve the digital customer experience over time

Leadership Development

As things change in a fast pace, the requirements of being a successful leader are significantly increasing. Leaders can make or break an organization. That is why it is crucial to support and develop the right caliber of leadership standards. High-performing leaders have the potential to build your organizational value at any point. As many organizations in Saudi Arabia are going through transformations driven by growth, cost efficiency, customer focus or else, the need for some kind of an accelerated Leadership development interventions becomes more and more relevant.

Good Leadership can be identified by looking at several indicators; below are some of them:

  • Increased retention rate of good key people.

  • Lower average number of sick leaves (shows people's passion!)

  • Execution of strategic initiatives

  • Efficiency measures

  • Quality of service measures

  • Profit measures (bottom-line)


Pioneers Consulting takes pride in working with leaders and executive teams both in private and public sectors to help them become better versions of who they are and drive their organizations to their desired destination.

Achieving your organizations objectives by setting the right strategy and direction

Pioneers Consulting works with organizations uses change to empower those involved in the change process with the right set of tools and capabilities that will make their lives much easier. Also, realizing that leaders are facing new challenges, we provide a customized executive coaching kit that will provide the one-on-one support leaders need throughout the change process - you are not alone.

"One of the biggest challenges that organizations face in Saudi Arabia is that the involved companies in transformation do not have the necessary framework and resources which makes change management which is its foundation, come across a lot of challenges."

laost? Anderson - Implement Group - Denmark

Change projects and transformations is a complex process. It changes what we like to do and have been doing to something new. It takes us out of our ‘comfort zone’ to uncharted territory. But through managing change in a structured manner, it is easier to be adaptable and to cope with the unexpected. Pioneers Consulting can help you create and execute a structure that has this built-in flexibility.

By understanding the challenges ahead, identifying the best strategy, creating a process for involvement and planning and executing the communication, your project will get off to a good start. By planning and facilitating meetings and workshops and training your managers and giving them the right tools, your support will guide them through the change process. Tell us where you are right now and we will take it from there.


Developing your Organization and Activating HR

As markets have become more competitive, less rigid and fast-moving, HR strategy, organizational design and change management pose a bigger challenge than ever before.

We can help you transform your business into an efficient and dynamic organization. We can work with you to align your business strategy to your HR strategy and organizational culture, redesign your structures, review roles and responsibilities and develop job descriptions.

We can assist you in managing change and implementation issues by conducting change-readiness assessments and developing change-management plans and communication strategies for all employees and key stakeholders. Our team can help your organization handle any kind of issue related to:

  • HR strategy and its main pillars

  • Organizational assessment and design (Org. Restructure)

  • Workforce planning

  • HR policies and processes

  • Job analysis and descriptions

  • Cultural change assessment

  • Communication and change management

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • Succession planning

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